Walking Events

2022 Hudson Valley Year Round and Seasonal Events - Geographically Ordered
Scenic Rhinebeck
Rhinebeck, NY

Historic Hyde Park, Home of FDR
Hyde Park, NY

Walkway over The Hudson & Hudson Valley Rail Trail
Highland, NY

Historic Beacon
Beacon, NY

Scenic views of Cornwall-On-Hudson
Cornwall, NY

The Villages of Cold Spring and Nelsonville
Cold Spring, NY

US Military Academy at West Point
Highland Falls, NY

Battle Site/Bear Mountain State Park - Appalachian Trail
Fort Montgomery, NY
5/1/2022 - 10/25/2022

2022 Online Year Round and Seasonal Events - Geographically Ordered
Walking the Appalachian Trail New York
Appalachian Trail New York, NY
4/1/2022 - 10/31/2022

The online events in the above table require the walker to register, download walk directions, and pay online as described below in the "General Walk Information" section. There is NO physical "walk box" located at the walk start point for an online event.

2022 Special Programs

Click here for a multi-page Detailed report, showing the qualifying walk features, of the 2022 AVA Special Programs applicable to each of the VCWP year round and seasonal events.

Group Walks and Activities

See Our Calendar of Events and Activities VCWP Calendar

General Walk Information

The walks are typically 10 km (6.2 mi.) or 5 km (3.1 mi.) and may include historic sites, downtown areas,woodland trails, parks and other points of interest. Our club does not charge a fee to participate. For those interested, a small fee ($3.00) provides for recorded credit and for additional two dollars a "B" Award (e.g., a medal, patch, pin, magnet) is sometimes available for the event.

ELIGIBILITY: These events are non-competitive walks, sponsored by the Volkssport Club at West Point. They are open to everyone and are free if you do not want IVV credit. Walkers under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Pets must be leashed and are typically not permitted in buildings.

REGISTRATION FOR TRADITIONAL EVENTS: Register for an event at the walk Start Point. All participants must: sign the liability waiver and carry a walk card. (Walk cards must be returned at the completion of the walk.)

REGISTRATION FOR HUDSON VALLEY YEAR-ROUND and SEASONAL EVENTS: Register for an event by following the instructions in the "walk box" at the event Start Point. All participants must fill out the log book, sign the liability waiver and carry a walk card. (Walk cards must be returned at the completion of the walk.)
If walking for credit or B Award, please mail a check (there are envelopes in the Start Box) to:
Volkssport Club at West Point
P.O. Box 30
West Point, NY 10996-0030
Please do not leave money in the start box

REGISTRATION FOR ONLINE YEAR-ROUND and SEASONAL EVENTS: Use the online start box provided by the California Volkssport Association website (www.cva4u.org). Follow the left side link, 'Online Start Box', and the instructions provided to sign a waiver, register, download walk directions, and pay for this event. Payments for event credit and directions use Paypal. The directions and insert cards are PDFs that you can download and print as needed. The POC does not provide event directions or accept alternate payment methods. The entire online process should take less than 10 minutes for a first time user. Upon completion of a walk, please log back into the Online Start Box to complete/finish to pay for the event and optionally generate stamped insert cards.

IVV CREDIT: The walks described in the brochures, referenced above, count toward the acquisition of IVV (Internationaler Volkssport Verband) achievement awards. IVV credit books can be purchased at weekend group walks and traditional events. You can earn an IVV event credit in your Event Record Book as well as receive credit in your Distance Record Book each time you pay for and complete a walk.
We try to have insert pages (cards) in the Start Box, but...you are reminded to please bring your IVV books with you.

FEES: Everyone is welcome to participate in these events.

$5.00 IVV Credit & "B" Award (if available)
$3.00 IVV Credit
Just Walk Free

If time allows, you may walk the trail for distance credit a second time on the same day at no additional charge.

DISCLAIMER: The sponsors of these events cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items, accidents, or injury at any time. Every reasonable effort will be made to make these events safe and enjoyable. By virtue of registering for this event, the participant agrees to the conditions set forth herein.

TRAIL RATINGS: The walk descriptions for the traditional and year round walks (linked to in the above tables) contain trail ratings based on the AVA Trail/Route Rating System.