Online Start Box (OSB)

The website has a number of useful tutorials and FAQs on the OSB for clubs and individuals located on the Tutorials page.

You may navigate to the Tutorials page by starting from, then click on the MEMBERS menu item, then click on the "Find a ..." tab, then click on "Tutorial" tab.

On the tutorial page click on the topic header, "Club OSB Management" to display a list of OSB tutorials relevant for clubs including a tutorial on the steps for getting a YRE/SE into the OSB system and another covering the content of OSB Event Directions.

Also notice the "User Features" and "Club Management" topic headers that include tutorials on how to create a personal account (needed to register for OSB events) and how to setup club management privileges for a personal account among other tutorials

For your convenience here is a direct link to the tutorials page:

Also check out the FAQs tab (>"Find a..."->FAQ) under the FAQ topic "OSB club information"
Here is a direct link to the FAQ page: