Online Start Box (OLSB)
User and Club
Feature Videos and Documents

The first section contains a youTube video composed of a series of video segments shown at the recent 2017 AVA convention in Billings, MT.

The second section provides individual links to each video segment should you wish to view or re-view a particular segment.

Hopefully, you can forgive/ignore the many awkward pauses and other mis-spoken moments in these videos and still learn how to use the OLSB.

The last section list documents useful to those clubs wishing to submit an AVA sanctioned event for inclusion in the OLSB.

Online Start Box User Feature Video

The Entire Video Series

Individual Video Segments

  1. Introduction
  2. User and Club Features
  3. Identifying and Finding OLSB Events
  4. Creating an OLSB User Account
  5. How to Recover from a Forgotten Password
  6. High Level Feature Tour (Tab Tour)
  7. Adding Money to your Event Bank using Paypal
  8. Selecting and Registering for an Event
  9. Completing an Event and Downloading Insert Cards

OLSB Club Mgt Documentation

  1. Introduction and AVA ESR Data Requirements (pdf)
  2. Event PDF Requirements and Recommendations (pdf)
    1. An Example Event PDF (pdf)
    2. Useful Graphic Elements (MS docx)
    3. PDFBinder download page (Click on PDFBinder-v1.2.msi)
  3. Obtaining Club Mgt Privileges and submitting an Event for inclusion in the OLSB (pdf)
  4. Adding a Club's Paypal Account (pdf)